Wash your car the way you want to, when you want to.

Blue Sky Express Car Wash is the express car wash you need in Panama City and Panama City Beach, FL.

  • Super Fast

  • Super Simple

  • Super Safe

Do you ever struggle with:

  • The sheer exhaustion that comes over you when thinking about washing the car

  • Waiting in long lines at full-service car washes

  • Being too busy to clean the space you spend the most time in

  • Wasting four hours on a Sunday afternoon handwashing your car and it still looks grimy

Why Choose Us

Washing your car doesn’t have to be exhausting – we make it easy!


Super Fast

At our state-of-the-art, fully stocked express car wash, we’ll have your car sparkling in less than 10 minutes


Super Simple

We’ve got the gadgets you need to clean every nook and cranny. We provide unlimited microfiber towels for your interior, powerful vacuums, and air nozzles to get the job done.


Super Safe

With our dedication to water reclamation and eco-friendly products, your car AND the environment will be protected when you wash with Blue Sky Express Car Wash.

Save time... and make it shine!

Don’t waste your time with at-home car washes that leave a dull finish on your car!

Our treatments will give your car a brand new look in a matter of minutes.

  • icon-ceramic-shield

    Fusion Bath

  • icon-fusion-protect

    Fusion Protect

  • icon-fusion-rain-repel

    Fusion Rain Repel

  • icon-bug-prep

    Bug Prep

  • icon-undercarriage-rinse

    Undercarriage Rinse

  • icon-tire-shine

    Tire Shine

  • icon-triple-foam

    Fusion Prime


Go Green!

We’re committed to eco-friendly practices - from conserving water to biodegradable chemicals.

  • conservation-white


    With our state-of-the-art water reclamation technology we are able to reduce freshwater consumption and recycle 85% of the water used in a car wash. We only use 8-40 gallons of water for each wash while most other car washes use over 100!

  • environmentally-friendly-white

    Environmentally Friendly

    Save the environment on two fronts – our soaps and chemicals are eco-friendly and biodegradable, AND we reduce pollutants by eliminating runoff.


At Blue Sky, you can have unlimited access to a clean car in 3 easy steps:

Become a Member

Sign up to join our unlimited car wash plan and enjoy the benefits of a clean car anytime you want.

Spend a Few Minutes a Week

Check one thing off your to-do list in as little as ten minutes a week and feel like you’ve got one space in your life that is in order.

Save Money

Your monthly subscription pays for itself in just two car washes. That means your 3rd and 4th (and beyond!) washes each month are on us!

Shift into neutral and let us wash away one of your worries.

We get it… you don’t want to spend your Sunday hand washing your car any more than you want to sit in long lines at the car wash. Our efficient staff and well-stocked express facilities make it easy for you to get in, get your car cleaned, and get going again!

Our unrivaled commitment to your customer experience makes Blue Sky Express Car Wash the perfect choice for busy people. Trust us to help you check an item off your to-do list and roll away with a car you are proud of.